How to Order Supersilo Products

Many people prefer to contact us to discuss their requirements and place an order either over the phone or email.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project with you and make sure you have the storage solution you need. Please use our contact form, email or call 01743 298161 if you'd like to discuss any aspect of our silos or accessories.

EcoSilo & Supersilo

As a minimum (if you have your own feed system or the boiler has a vacuum built-in):

Silo + connector for either a rigid auger or vacuum connector

For a complete solution you'll need:

Silo + connector for either a rigid auger or vacuum connector

Rigid Auger + Controller OR Vacupellet vacuum unit with vacuum pipe


MegaSilo comes complete with a vacuum connector, so you'll just need:

If your boiler already has a vacuum unit 
(NOTE: check your controller can operate the vibration unit): just the Megasilo + pipe

For a complete solution: Megasilo + Vacupellet + pipe

System for rigid auger

rigid auger

1: Rigid Auger

2: Auto Controller

3: Boiler's day hopper

System for vacuum feed

vacuum auger

1: Vacuum hose

2: Vacupellet unit

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